Walmart App Not Working; Possible Reasons & How To Fix It

Walmart is one of the top companies in the world, and due to this, they constantly aim at providing better and less stressful ways for their customers to shop on their platform. This includes on the Walmart mobile app and on the Walmart store.

However, there may be times where the Walmart app stops working. In a few scenarios, some people even get the “Walmart app not working ” error. Well, just in case you have been having this “Walmart app not working” error, then do not worry as you are not alone on this.

It is usually very disappointing when the Walmart grocery app just stops working. And due to the fact that most of us have experienced this before, we know how frustrating it can be. My team and I did some research. And in this article, we will be throwing more light on the Walmart app not working error message that you keep seeing pop up on your screen, other errors that are bound to occur; possible causes and how to resolve them.

Possible Causes Of Walmart App Is Not Working Error

Walmart app not working

At times, you may see the error message, Walmart app not working pop on your screen. And one of the first things you should do is find out the reasons why this error message is showing up and why your Walmart grocery app is not working. Below are a few reasons why the Walmart grocery app may not be working.

 1.  Low Phone Storage

Most times, one of the first factors that one should consider when the Walmart grocery app is not working or it shows the Walmart app not working error message is the phone storage. Most devices do not open mobile apps when there is a low phone storage. And this could be the reason why your Walmart app has refused to open.

2.  A Lot Of People Are Live On The Walmart Server

A lot of live people on the Walmart server simply means that there are a lot of persons or accounts using the Walmart app at that particular moment you are trying to access your Walmart account

The company has made space for a large population of people to use the Walmart app at the same time. However, this could still affect the functionality of the Walmart mobile app, and may be the reason for the Walmart app not working.

3. Poor Internet Connection

Poor to no internet connection at all might be another reason. It is one of the possible reasons why your Walmart app might refused to work. To find out if it is indeed the reason, check out other mobile apps on your device and find out if indeed they are working.

 4. Outdated Version Of The Walmart App

Another key, yet a vital reason why your Walmart app may not be working is because you are using an outdated version of the app. In this case, you may try updating your Walmart mobile app on the play store or App store.

How To Solve The Walmart App Not Working Error

There are a lot of ways available to solve the Walmart app not working error and make you access the Walmart app once again. However, each method is based on the reason why the Walmart app stopped working.  Below are a few ways to solve the Walmart app not working error –

1. Improve Phone Storage

Improving your phone storage is indeed a great way to solve the Walmart app not working error. You can simply get an SD card alongside your mobile device or delete some unwanted or unused files. You can also clear your cache.

2. Retry Using The Walmart App

For a scenario where the Walmart app stops working, the best way to solve it is by retrying, especially if it is an error on the server. Just close the Walmart app, and open it again.

3. Fix Your Internet Connection

As earlier said, a poor internet connection could be the reason why your Walmart app is not working. And as such, fixing your internet connection is indeed a great way to solve it.

4. Update The Walmart App On Your Device

An outdated Walmart app may not work on your phone. And one of the best ways to solve this is by updating the Walmart app. Check out the App stores. Google Play Store for android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices for latest versions of the Walmart app.

5. Use The Walmart Website

The Walmart official website is always up and running. All the services available on the Walmart mobile app are also available on the Walmart official website. So, since your Walmart mobile app seems not to be working, you can still use the Walmart Website to do whatever thing you want to do on the app.

6. Contact Walmart Customer Service

If you have tried all the suggested solutions above, and none of the seems to work out for you; the final bus stop is contacting Walmart customer support. They are always ready to attend to any challenge you are facing, using their services. You can reach out to Walmart customer support on phone at: 1-800-925-6278

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Walmart Grocery App Down?

Not at the moment. The Walmart grocery app is not down at the moment. However, it might probably be experiencing some technical error. It could be a system upgrade or something. However, if this occurs, please be rest assured as it will soon be sorted out.

Can My Money Be Gone If My Walmart App Stops Working?

Depending on the reason and which technical error is occurring, the balance on your Walmart grocery app might be gone. And this is likely to be a hack attack. The Walmart grocery app might have gotten hacked and the hacker got access to your account and then got access to your money as well.

Did They Update The Walmart App?

The Walmart grocery app is always subject to upgrade as the company tries to make it secure by finding bugs in the old version and then fixing the bugs in the new Walmart grocery app. Be sure to check out for the latest Walmart grocery app on the Google Play Store for your android device or the Apple App Store for your iOS device.

Has The Walmart Grocery App Ever Stopped Working?

No, since the Walmart grocery app was launched, there has never been a case where the mobile app has ever stopped working. And as earlier said, there are several reasons why your Walmart grocery app may stop working.

Should I Contact Walmart Customer Care If The Walmart App Stops Working?

Yes, you can contact the Walmart customer services if their mobile app stops working on your phone. However, it is better to contact a phone technician especially if the Walmart grocery app is working on other devices.

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