Is Walmart Pet-Friendly? Can I Take My Pet To Walmart?

Pets, also known as service animals have now gotten to develop a strong bonding humans that we even take them for walks, go shopping, take flights, and do other social activities them. 

It is no surprise that most Walmart shoppers will want to know if they can take their pets or service animals to shop at the Walmart store. So ,before thinking of taking your pet to Walmart, you may need to know the Walmart rules and regulations regarding pet animals at Walmart stores. And here in this article, I will be answering the question “is Walmart pet friendly?”, and sharing you all information that you need to know regarding Walmart rules and regulations on pets.

Is Walmart Pet-Friendly? Does Walmart Allow Pets In Their Stores?

is walmart pet-friendly

No, Walmart is not pet-friendly, they do not allow pets in their stores, but may allow Service Animals. They stated clearly on their website that Walmart welcomes service animals as defined by the ADA in our stores, and we recognize the important role they play in many of our customers’ lives. We do not allow pets in our stores.”

Why Is Walmart Not Pet-friendly?

There may be reasons why Walmart does not allow customers to bring in pets to their stores, but one of  the reasons may be because of the FDA’s food service codes, which holds that allowing animals into food stores is not sanitary.

Does Walmart Have A Criteria For Choosing Pet Animals?

Yes, Walmart has a criteria for choosing the kind of animals that will be allowed into their stores.. The company is selective of the pets they allow into their stores, and the reason for this is that some dogs may have untreated disease, which could then lead to poisoning of some items at the Walmart grocery store.

Walmart Criteria For Choosing The Kind Of  Animals That Enters Their Stores

Just as I had said earlier, Walmart actually has a criteria which it has to help select the animals or pets that it allows into their store. Here are a few criteria Walmart has in for allowing pets to enter their store:

  • It must be a service dog or a service pet.
  • It must have finished its training.
  • The Pet is not aggressive.
  • The pet stays close to the owner.
  • The pet has no sickness or parasitse like ticks and fleas.

What Pets Are Allowed At Walmart?

Walmart is quite selective of animals that they allow into their stores. They basically allow pets which have met their criteria (The Walmart criteria for allowing pets is shown above). A few of the animals that are allowed at the Walmart store are: 

  • Service Dogs.
  • Service Cats.
  • Service Birds.

Note: Only Service animals are accepted at the Walmart store.

Will I Have To Pay A Fee When I Bring My Pet To Walmart?

No, you do not have to pay a fee when you bring a pet to the Walmart store. Walmart does not charge a dime from their customers for bringing a pet to their store. However, your pet must be a service animal before it can be allowed into walmart stores.

Other Stores That Accepts Pets

Aside from Walmart, there are a few other stores that outrightly accept pets. And most of these stores are pet shops. The reason for that is because dogs, cats or pets enjoy having a walk or being at a pet shop where there are enough toys for them to play , than the Walmart store where their environment is restricted. Here are a few other stores that are pet friendly, and do not really have that much restrictions for pets:

  • Bath & Body Works.
  • Apple stores.
  • Hobby Lobby.
  • Camping World.
  • Bass Pro Shops.

Does Walmart Allow Pets?

Walmart only allows service animals or pets that meet their criteria. This means that Walmart does not allow pets into their stores except they are service animals.

Is Walmart Dog-friendly?

While Walmart is not all that dog-friendly, Walmart will actually allow you to bring in your dog if it is a service animal.

Does Walmart Money Centers Allow Pets?

No, Walmart money centers do not also allow pets. It has a large notice that cautions their customers from bringing in dogs.

Does Walmart Allow Pet Animals In Training?

No, Walmart does not allow pet animals in training. This includes dogs or animals that are in service training. However, if the dog can detect when a seizure will happen to the owner, or when an item picked by a diabetic owner contains much sugar, Walmart may accept these types of pets. And these types of pets are service animals.

Why Does Walmart Have Strong Rules Against Animals?

Basically, Walmart has these strong rules against pets so that the animals do not contaminate or spread disease in the grocery store. Or basically, to cause a menace at the store.

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