How To Unlock Walmart Money Card; Step-by-step Guide

One of the most disappointing and annoying things that can happen to you in a store is for your card to decline or refuse to work while typing to make transactions. At this point, the option left is to pay in cash or just forego the item. 

The Walmart money card is not spared from this, as at times, the Walmart card might decline and one gets forced to use cash. However, the good news is that you can actually unlock Walmart money card, when it gets locked.

Sometimes one might not even know why their Walmart money card was blocked; they will only get to know this when their payment is declined. However, if you are in this situation, this article will help you out on how to unlock your Walmart money card.

Why Is My Walmart Money Card Closed?

Walmart money cards can be blocked or can expire, and this depends on certain factors. Although most of these are actually easy to escape and save your Walmart money card from being closed. Below are a few reasons why your Walmart money card may be blocked:

1. Inactivity

Your Walmart money card may be blocked due to inactivity on your end. This involves not using the Walmart money card frequently which could prompt the company to close the account especially if the other factors come into play. 

2. Violation Of The Limits On The Use Of Your Walmart Money Card

Some violations of the rules on limitations of the Walmart money card could lead to the card being blocked. And being blocked simply means that you may not be able to use the card, until you sort things out. Below are a few violations of limits on the use of Walmart money card:

  1. Withdrawing more than $500 from an ATM.
  2. Frequent attempts on making transactions that exceed the daily limit.

Other Reasons Are:

 3.  Having a Walmart money card balance that is on $0.

4. Usage of the Walmart money card on an illegal websites.

How To Unlock Walmart Money Card

How To Unlock Walmart Money Card

Having known why the Walmart money card can be blocked, it becomes easier to avoid what that may lead to such issues. However, if your card has been blocked already, you may try the few guides below to get your card unlocked.

There are several methods on how to unlock the Walmart money card, although each of them is different from the other and has different steps. Below are steps on how to unlock Walmart money card.

 1. Visit A Walmart Money Card Store

A Walmart store is one of the places that you can unlock Walmart money card. And if you are looking for a physical location, any Walmart store closest to you can do this. Having proven to them that the Walmart money card belongs to you, you would end up having your Walmart money card unlocked.

2. Using The Walmart Money Card Mobile App

Another method of unlocking the Walmart money card is via the Walmart money card mobile app. Via this method, your phone and the Walmart money card are important.

Below are steps on how to unlock Walmart money card using your Walmart money card mobile app.

  1. Open the Walmart money card mobile app. You can download the android version on the Google Play Store and the iOS version on the Apple App store.
  2. Log in to your Walmart money card account.
  3. On the dashboard, tap the card lock/card unlock toggle
  4. Click on verify card.
  5. Enter your card details. 
  6. Await a notification message from them if it was successful or not.

3. Via the Walmart MoneyCard Customer Support

Via the Walmart money card customer support, you can actually unlock the Walmart money card. This involves contacting the Walmart money card customer support team and explaining to them that you actually own the Walmart money card and you would want it to be unlocked. You can call their customer support team by calling them at (877) 937-4098

How Do I Get Money Off My Closed Walmart Money Card?

Unfortunately, you may not be able to get money off a closed or locked Walmart money card account. The money inside it is locked as they believe that your account is under some suspicious activities. However, after the verification and the Walmart money card is unlocked, you can then get the Walmart money card balance.

How Do I Verify My Walmart Money Card?

Verifying your Walmart money card is important even before you think of using it. It is mandatory and must be done before usage of the card. Below are steps on how to verify the Walmart money card.

  1. Set up your Walmart money card login details.
  2. You will be required to provide the following details; Name, address, date of birth, the 16-digit card number, expiration date, 3-digit security code (found on the back of your card), and your mobile phone number.
  3. Click on Verify

Can I Speak To A Live Person At Walmart Money Card?

Yes, you can actually speak to a live person at Walmart money card. Although most of the time, an AI responds first before transferring the call to a live person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could My Walmart Money Card Be Locked During My Login?

Yes, your Walmart money card could be locked during the time you were trying to login your account. Frequent entering of false Walmart money card login details could lead to card being blocked.

What Number Do I Call To Activate  My Walmart Money Card?

If you want to activate your Walmart money card, you can contact the Walmart money card support team by dialling their mobile number at (877) 937-4098.

Should I Contact The Walmart Customer Service To Unlock My Walmart Money Card?

Yes, you can also contact the Walmart money card customer service to help you unlock Walmart money card account. 

What If My Walmart Money Card Cannot Verify Identity?

If your Walmart money card cannot verify identity, then you might have to choose another method of unlocking the Walmart money card. I would recommend going for the Walmart money card customer support.

What If My Walmart Money Card Account Blocked Pending Review?

If your blocked Walmart money card is pending review, I am sorry that there is nothing much that you can do. You will have to wait for Walmart to review your account.

Can I Get Money From Walmart Money Card Even If It Has Been Locked?

No, you may not be able to get money from Walmart money cards if the Walmart money card account has been locked or has expired. However, this is not until you renew or you unlock Walmart money card.

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