About Us

We discovered that some users are always facing one challenge or the other, while trying to make transactions on Walmart.

Sometimes, these challenges may be be because the users did not understand much or certain things about Walmart.

This is why we decided launch this platform – Transactry, where we provide necessary guides about the use of Walmart, and other similar companies.

What Do We Do?

At Transactry.com, our goal is to make sure Walmart users are guided properly while carrying out their daily purchases and transactions at Walmart. With our platform, we believe that Walmart users will no more find it difficult, using any of the Walmart services.

Our Team

We have a team of great researchers, who are dedicated in digging out possible challenges that Walmart users may be facing, and the possible answers or solutions to the problems.

Who Can Visit Our Page?

Anybody is free to visit transactry.com, both Walmart users and anyone that wishes to find a genuine answer to any question about Walmart or other similar companies.